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  • Bestselling author of "Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland"

  • Founder of the foraging school listed at the top of BBC Countryfile's "Best foraging courses in the UK"

  • Over 20 years of hands-on experience and research in the field of wild plants

  • Dedicated to helping others become safe, confident, and knowledgeable foragers

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"You write so beautifully and so clearly about the wonderful, mysterious feeling you get when you go out in nature and collect the food that grows naturally around us." – Hannah Scott

"Just wanted to say, I think this is possibly the most beautiful newsletter I have ever received." – Kate Nicholson

"I love your letters and writings. Your work and information, interviews and poems leave me inspired, enthusiastic, awestruck and happy. They lead me and my little daughter on daily adventures." – Carina Rose

"Lovely words thank you – it brings peace to the mind and soul." – Anna Rogers

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"I read your newsletters for free for a long time. They helped me at a time when my life was tricky, they made me feel calm and empowered, whatever happened it would be okay because nature is always there for you. I have spent the morning making elderflower cordial with my 9 year old, then this article dropped we decided to sign up, give back to this wonderful author who has helped me more than he knows." - Heather

"Although I live in Australia, many European plants grow here, so much of the Eatweeds content applies here also. More than that, there is so much deep culture and history behind foraging in whatever continent, it is so important to keep this knowledge and skill alive with those like Robin who educate themselves and teach others. It's not the knowledge taught in horticulture schools!" - Anita P.

"It resonates so much with my own story & the work I'm doing in communities. I find it so helpful to read & to have met another plant person whose path within plant work is similar to my own. Albeit, for some reasons which are the same & others that are not. Reading & learning from you helps me to understand myself & my journey. Thank you." - Hannah-May B.

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